Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pirate Party Arrrrrr! 25-01-2013

Your Pirate Captain Cut-throat Chloƫ and her Scurvy Crew:
 Demonic Dean
Mischievous Max
Marauding Mitch
At the time of this gig poor Terrible Tom was lost at sea...
Where's Terrible Tom?
...fortunately he was later discovered floating in the ocean clinging to a whiskey barrel! 
Shoot Pool Tavern was bursting at the seams with pirates and rascals: 
 Rapscallion Rosie and her cabin-boy Jason
During our set we distributed Cherry Scream pieces of eight from our treasure chest: 
 A lucky pirate shows off their Cherry Scream plunder!
Here's our pirate-themed setlist from the night:
Our thanks to Saucy Sue of Shoot Pool Tavern for a fantastic evening!